2009-02-26 @ 16:50:47
I don’t have close friends too. But it is my fault as I don’t let anyone close to me in any way. I always keep my distance. I don’t mind, though. It is my decision and I am fully aware of the consequences.

I have never liked the company of many people. I always seem squashed and overwhelmed by them in such circumstances. I’d rather keep to myself and when I am in the need of companionship I stick to one or two persons I think I can talk about something. Otherwise, my contact with people is really limited.

Don’t think you don’t deserve the attention of others. Analyze it from another point of view. Are you doing anything to discourage other people? Maybe you keep your distance in contact with them? Try warming up more to others. I can’t really tell you what to do or what is the problem, for I don’t know you as a person.

Try introspecting. It’s the only advice I can think of.

Best regards,
2009-02-20 @ 11:45:51
Nothing new, nothing interesting in my life...but I'd like to tell you about some kind of music. Well lately I have listened piano music. Concretely they are songs Korean man. His name is Yiruma. His music is genial. I reccomend "River flows in you" , "Moonlight" , "Kiss the rain". Maybe you will think that it's so boring...no words, only melody but I guarantee you will fall in love with his play. I can listening it for hours!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBvAbulOVFA This is link for "River Flows in you"

If you will listen please for your opinions:)
2009-02-18 @ 10:24:10
There is so much snow! Next to my house is big mountain of it:) It looks funny:P I go out everyday and few times a day becouse I must clear from snow. But I havn't any plans for my break and the time goes so fast. It's already wenesday and I didn't do anything interesting. But yesterday I wathed "Chmura". It's germany film-fabulous! I recommend.
2009-02-14 @ 18:42:14
What do you think of Valentine's day? Well I have nothing against it but I just don't celebrate it. I have never send any valentine card. Maybe it's strange but I just don't like this feast.
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