funny story?
2008-09-25 @ 17:27:10
Who is the most unlucky person in the world? Hehehe it's me. No, it isn't my depression again. I reacted to this with a burst of laughter. This is my today incident: I was going out from my school and I was walking pavament when big truck arrived and splashed vater from head to foot. First I was so shocked but next I bursted out laughing and I couldn't stop:P My clothes were soaking vet, my hair was wet but I was laughing. The worst was that I had to waiting 2 hours for my bus.Brrrrr
tour de pologne
2008-09-19 @ 13:02:27
Today I came back earlier because of "tour de pologne". The roads are going to be close from 1pm to 5pm so lessons were shorter and we went for earlier bus. I'm pleased because normaly I come back about 5 pm.
I'm so disappointed.
2008-09-13 @ 13:28:14
Oh I'm so angry with my father!!! Last year he stopped smoke. I was so proud and happy because I hate smell of cigarrets. And what I see?...Yesterday he came back from job and about 15 minutes after he went out. And then I saw him with cigarette in hand. I was so angry so I went without a word and locked in my room. I didn't leave my room untill this morning.I'm so disappointed.
2008-09-11 @ 16:42:42
I've bacame more humble since my problems started. I'm more calm, tolerant but....distrust and I don't think that it could ever change. But it's good. I won't be naive...never again! What about spent time? I'm busy because I usually come back from school at 5:30 pm:/ It's because lots pf lessons and stupid buses!
2008-09-04 @ 13:37:25
I feel better. Not as better as I want to be but I won't be change anything...(even if I'm not happy)'s just my life and I have to stand it -havn't I? Or...maybe it should look like this...maybe it's my destiny.
2008-09-01 @ 18:05:26
I feel like flowers without water, like lighter without fire...I feel like nothing;( I'm fed up with it....................................sorry I'm totaly boring man
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