2008-07-28 @ 12:20:27
Do you like parties? Hmm it's stupid question I guess but I had to start:) I love parties. On this holiday I was on parties many times and I usually had great time:) What kind of parties do you like? In clubs, at home, at friends parties, in cocnerts? I love parties in clubs:) I can meet new people. But I must going with friends. I don't like be alone.
how boring:(
2008-07-23 @ 17:55:00
Rain, rain, rain...It's raining and cloudly for all day. I can't go out. I'm sitting at home and I'm going creazy. Water level was grow up...It looks dangerous. I hope the weater is going to be better.
2008-07-19 @ 14:27:14
There is one advantage of my holidays at home: I cook a lot and I test a lot of recipes. I started do many meals I've never cooked. It nice to see that my family eat this and they think that it's delicious:)How about you? Do you like cooking?
I like but I hate for example peel potatoes!
2008-07-14 @ 11:55:33
Yesterday I went on the lakes and when I was comming back something stung me on my I have swollen hand and I can't band it:( It's also really hurt...I couldn't sleep this night because it was itching. Also this nigh in my town was really noisy thunderstorm. So today I'm relly sleepy and I don't feel much good but I can't sleep:( I don't know why...
2008-07-04 @ 13:37:55
I've just came back from dentist and I'm a bit boring because is raining and I havn't anythink to do. I read all of books and I havn't any. Recently I like crime story. It's really absorbing. I think that the best author of the crime storyis Nora Roberts. I recomend!

How are your holidays?

Ok I'm going make custard:) yummy!
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