Times goes ...fast
2008-05-30 @ 18:02:28
So It's almost the and of May...and it's so warm!!! Yes I'm loving it!!! And sun have bronzed me already:) Only school and "free". I hope this holidays will be better than erlier...

Friday...I'm going to go for a walk with my friends and we'll maybe take photos:)Anyway I hope it will be nice start of weekend:)

Kisses and have a nice weekend too:*
2008-05-24 @ 15:28:00
Heh time goes really fast and only few weeks to holidays. What you are going to do? You are going to leave somewere or stay at home? Maybe you are going to take part-time job? I want take job but I don't know where...in place where I live isn't so many restaurant ect. where young people can work. I think about little hotel but I'm not surre that they need young people. I want go to job...I want help my parents because when they must give us money for clothes, books, ect. it shows how much they must spent. I want have my money and be more individual.
2008-05-22 @ 15:22:56
Yesterday I went to school trip on Slovacjia. It was great. Our class (c) with class d. I like class d. There are lots of nice people. So first we went to "Jaskinia Bielańska". It was amizing!!! You must see this place. Next we went in Tatry to see waterfalls...it was fabulous. The wather was so clean. Like mirror...I fell in love with this placde:P:P
But the best is think that I fell really good on this trip. We were joking a lot and I spent really nice day:)
Today my frinds will go to me. ohhhh:)
no title
2008-05-13 @ 16:43:29
Sorry I didn't write but I was really busy. I must describe my Sunday:) I went with my family to Łącko on festiwal names "Kwitnięcie Jabłoni". I spent this day really nice. First we bought ice-cream (delicious). Next we went to see performances. First appered "Kabaret pod sufitem". It consist of 3 man (also Maciej Damięcki). The were so funny:) Next appered Abba show-they also were good but them performance was too long. I came back home about 8 pm:) How was your weekend?
2008-05-10 @ 10:35:08
Yesterday I saw film "You got served". It's quite old film (2004) but fabulous:)
I decided wath it because when I saw "Step up 2 the streets" I got quirk on point Robert Hoffman. He dance beautifully! And in this film (you got served) the dance was also great. Plot wasn't straightforward and music was fabulous. You must see this film (but maybe you've already seen it).Anyway I advice:)
2008-05-06 @ 16:39:21
Tomorrow school. After really long weekend (because of matura) I feel I can't learn. I tried learn history but all I can do is read and anything else.
During the weekend I read two books. On of them is compulsory. I mean "Świętoszek" and I must say that it was interesting:)
Second was " Zapiski stanu poważnego" and was really funny:)
I love reading:)
The best films?
2008-05-04 @ 10:24:31
It's early but I write to kill time...I didn't go to the church because I'm a bit ill. It's cold and raining so my mother sad that better will stay at home.
I don't know what I should write...
What I'm going to do this day...I don't know. I have wiligness wath some interesting film...it's good idea. Which films you like the most? And what kind of films?
I like comedys and thrillers. The best films I've ever wathing are:
Pirates of Caraiben
Walk to remember (szkoła uczuć)
Step up 2 the streets
The butterfly effect
ect but I cant remember now. How about you?
2008-05-02 @ 14:18:20
I feel ill;/ I have catarhh and throth ache:( Tomorrow my cousin will celebrate first communion and I should be there. I also should go to the church this day because its first Friday of month...but I don't know.
I feel boring...I read books, wath TV, surf net and that's all....Oh and I dance. I love dancing. In my willage isn't any dance school but If I go at univeriste I'll go to the dance school!
How about you? How do you spend your long weekend?
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