long weekend:)
2008-04-30 @ 16:43:51
At last long weekend:) I love it...but I havn't any plans. Hmm maybe it's good because when we plan something it sometimes doesn't come true:(
I ate too much cakes this day and I feel a bit bad...But the cakes were delicious:)
2008-04-26 @ 14:21:07
First what I want to write is think that I'm glad that you are think that Poland is fantastic place:) I also think that.

The weater this day is fantastic!!! It's sunny and everything is so beautiful:) For an hour I'm going to ice-cream with friend:) Next I'll go for rolls. I also must visiting my cousin...he's ill. I like him very much...

I don't know what about with my learn...I don't feel like it...it's so boring. I want HOLIDAYS!!!
Do you think like this?
2008-04-23 @ 20:59:13
I have question. Do you think that Poland isn't good country, do you ashamed that you live i Poland? I ask becouse this day my class friend were talking about their stay in Switzerland. We were watching photos, listening about this country. They described this country like rich, clean and more better than Poland. They also sad tht when they came back to Poland they felt difference. I was sadly. Why we can't be better. Why we have got politicians like we have?
lovely day:)
2008-04-11 @ 17:42:43
Finally weekend:) The weather is great...just fantastic. After school when we were waiting for bus we went to the park (sekwana) and we were runing, lafing and eating cakes:) Tonight I'm going to wath "Bring it on:In it to win It" ( Dziewczyny z drużyny). Our Polish headings are terrify!!
2008-04-10 @ 10:47:32
I dinn't write anythink yesterday becouse of my toothache...Now I'm in school so I maybe write someting letter:) kissssses
2008-04-09 @ 16:57:42
Uhh I have terrible toothache:( Itmakes me creazy!! I wanna write something interesting but I can't becouse of it. Maybe after...
no title
2008-04-05 @ 12:33:21
I was waiting for weekend and when it come I don't know what I should do. At 10 am I went to the shopping with my father, next I ate dinner and I a bit clean my room. I feel the pain becouse of my yesterday physicial education.Uff It was really hard. I must start read "Potop"...It consist of 3 tome. But I think that it's quite good book but sometimes a bit boring. Kisses
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