I don't know
2008-03-29 @ 11:16:13
Heh weekend:) I'm happy becouse of good the weater. In my willage is 13 degrease and sun is shining:) It makes me stronger:) Yesterday I was wathing film with my brothers. We were wathing "Green Street Hooligans". It's quite old film (2005) but really good. Have you ever wathed this film? Today I really wanna cycling itp but I havn't bike!! I'm angry becouse last year it spoiled:( I'm going to buy rolls. I must finish...kisses
It was creazy!
2008-03-27 @ 16:55:40
Well second day in school. Tomorrow only and weekend. I can go to school like this:)
But I must tell you about this day. It was creazy. After school we didn't have any bus to our willage so we (me and my friend) go to our friend. We were talking a lot and we missed the bus!!! It was horrible becouse next bus was for few hours. So I had to ring to my father. He came for us but was a bit angry so I told that bus driver didn't stopped. I know I'm lier...
I must learn for physic:(;(
ugly,dirty day
2008-03-24 @ 11:52:21
What's a bad weater! It's snowing, wet, cold and awfull!! There are the most ugly Easter in my life. I remember that few years ago we were runing in skirt, t-shirt and watering:) It was fantastic and funny. But today I feel that if someone water me I will be angry.

And for two days we have to go to school:(( I didn't learn anything, I'm completly unready. Ahh never mind.

Have a nice day:)
title is...no title
2008-03-22 @ 13:07:19
Well done. Today I went to church with basket of feed and done salat. I must clean badroom and done:) Oh I have to read Makbet...I don't feel like it.
I'm angry becouse of this weater. No sun, no Easter Monday:( I know that I'm a bit young to celebrate this day but...I like it. How about you?
2008-03-21 @ 10:34:47
I have big question...Does anybody know how to change login (hasło)?? I will be thakfull:)
2008-03-20 @ 20:39:29
So what do you think about this spring? It's so stupid. Isn't it? When was February it wasn't snowing but now when started Easter and tomorrow will be calendar spring is so cold!

Today I woke up at 7:30 and at 8 am I started clean house. I cleaned dining room and kithen. I do it very long becouse I wanted do it well. So I was glad when I finally end but my lovely brother must always everything destroy. He sad that he angry and when he started make eat for yourself my job wasted;( Uhh!!

Ok that's all for now:) Kisses
2008-03-19 @ 17:30:47
Yes finally free from school, just for a moment but better than nothing:) Today was really good day. But when I saw in the morning that is snowing I was angry. never mind I must tell you about yesterday adventure hehe. I was 8 lesson in school and much to learn so I hasn't manage to do it time. I thought that I write discharge from 2 lesson: PO(przysposobienie Obronne) becouse my teacher want ask, and wf. So I wrote on discharged that I must see a dentist, give it to my tutor of class and went. Me and my friend havn't anything to do and we havn't any bus to home so we go to cafe. And when we was sitting and eating cakes my tutor entranced and buy bread!! I was so shocked but she didn't say anything. She is really cool.
2008-03-18 @ 18:42:40
Tomorrow will be last day shool anh Easter:) I must stand this:) Last time was so busy. I had much tu study but sometimes I was as tired as I went sleep at 21pm. Tomoorow I have got test with biology and history:( I should study but it's really hard. Ok kisses for everyone...and I also love this page:)
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