2008-02-29 @ 15:44:50
At last weekend:) Rest and laziness...but not too much becouse it isn't so interesting:)
I'm happy today becouse I got 5 for math!!! (Only two persons got 5). But I'm also angry on my (I used to think) good friend. Sometimes when I finish my lessons earlier I havn't directly bus to my willage and I must wait 3h. Then I often go by bus to main road and wait for opening (pol.na stopa). So today I went with two frinds and she (Ania) left us and go with boy who is really stupid and we (she also) don't like him. It was really egoistic. She trouble only about herself.

I'm not surre that you unerstand what I wrote...my english isn't so good.
2008-02-27 @ 14:52:54
First I'll decribe yesterday:) I wasn't at school:) Me and my two friends went on truancies. Day was too beautiful to go to school;P It was really funny and honestly I needed it:) becouse I needed chill out.
Today was also good. I came back earlier so i have more time for yourself:) And I havn't much to study. Kisses for you:*
2008-02-25 @ 18:00:51
A few rays of the sun and world is more beautifull:) This day was really good. I was happy and smiling all day:) But I can't learning now. It's so boring.

I love Jan Kochanowski and his poem "Nie porzucaj nadzieję..." This poem give me up:) and show that live can be beautiful:)
2008-02-23 @ 13:55:09
This day started not very well. Everyone in my house scream, brawl and atmosphere isn't nice. I have willingness to go and never came back.I feel that everything falls on my head. I used to be smiling, happy and spontaneous but now I can't smile becouse everything is so sad and hard. I can't be spontaneous becouse I must think about everything erlier. I only hope that will be better soon.
Tomorrow belong to us:)
2008-02-21 @ 18:08:47
I survived:) And now I'm waiting for the best...school trip:) It's tomorrow:) I hope that weater will be good and everything will be fantastic:) This week was hard and I don't want think about it. I want chill out and feel much better. Why? Becouse last time I didn't feel good. Everything disturb me and I often was intolerable. Dear spring come to me...and give me smile, light and joy:)
no title
2008-02-16 @ 12:35:42
Uhh it was really hard week. I was feeling so bad. Now it's well and I hope everything will be good:) But next week will be also so hard. I have many tests, homework and
The worst will be Monday and Tuesday. But on Friday I'll go to school trip:) We are going to go to Groteska and to museum. My and class d:) We can meetmore ourselves:) I can't wait for it:) I hope it will be great. But today I have to start learning:( Any rest!! Kisses:) and thanks for your coments:*
Nothing special
2008-02-13 @ 20:22:50
Everything is so boring and bad. I feel so bad and I'm depresed. I don't know why. Mayby it's the weater. It's too cold and too "dark". I have lots of homework and learn but I havn't much time. I'm lazy and upsed. I want spring!!! I hate winter and weater like this. Sorry that I'm complaining so much. Kisses
11th February
2008-02-11 @ 17:24:50
It was first day in school after winter holidays. I must tell that was quit good. I also got +5 with english becouse I told about my holidays:)
But tomorrow everything will start. I mean tests ect. Uhh life is brutal:P Kisses
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