My birthday...
2007-12-31 @ 13:45:52
My birthday are today:) But I don't feel much happy.I don't now why. I'm going to organize New Year Party and I hope that everything will be great...
I wish you so Great New Years Eve. A lot of kisses:*:*
New-Year decisions...
2007-12-29 @ 20:13:54
Well I always make New-Year decisions. I'm sure that you too but I never keep their. In 2008 year I won't make New-Year decisions...I swear. Maybe only one...:) How about you? Have you ever keept New-Year decisions? If you say "yes" I'll be surprise.
I swear I tried...
2007-12-28 @ 13:42:28
This day I tried study french...and I'm so angry...This language is so difficult. And the worst is thing that I have test on wednesday.
2007-12-27 @ 18:15:25
Well this day was so short. I saw with my best friend Ania and now it is 6 pm.
I don't wanna go to school. I am so tired...
We must go to school after New Year. It is not very good idea. We don't very active and we also sleep on the tables.But now I'm thinking only about New year's eve. In this day I celebrate birthday!!! Yes I have been born 31st of December:)
2007-12-26 @ 13:14:04
I haven't any idea how spend this day. My parents are going to visit relatives but I Don't feel like it. Honestly I don't like my aunt...Never mind.
Merry Christmas
2007-12-25 @ 14:48:02
Mayby it is a bit too late but I didn't have time. Well Happy New Year!!!
I am afraid...
2007-12-21 @ 09:00:28
I haven't gone to school. I am a bit ill and I don't feel like it:P But I am afraid becouse my anglish teacher hasn't gone to school for two weeks. It's not very well becouse If we don't study a lot we won't pass our exams (secondary school certificate).
2007-12-17 @ 17:48:18
It was exhousted day but I can't describe it. Forgive me...
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