always's not healthy
2012-07-11 @ 22:45:46
The last exam passed:) Now, I can start my holidays:) Well, maybe calling this holidays is kind of exageration. I havn't even one day to take a rest bacause I had to start my seasonal work:( Tomorrow all day in work. It wouldn't be any problem for me (because I hate doing nothing) if I hadn't health problems. Some time ago I started to have constat headaches. I spend lots of money and lost a of time to find out what is the reason of this. The reson is my spine (neck section). I was really miserable when I heard about it. I'm only 20 and it's too early to have such problems. I know that I spend the vast majority of day in sitting, bowing position but It's my obligation. I can admit that I neglected sport and other physical effort but I had so much to do. I just havn't time for it. Now I promise myself to change it immediately. Tomorrow morning I'll start my day from exercises!

Wish you good luck. Almost every day I think about my 'cellulit' and that it's high time for me to do something with it (some exercises) and still nothing. But your health it's serious problem so I hope that you won't give up:))))
Your blog is really interesting :) It's a great way to learn English :) I like learning via Internet so I love this website:

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