Is an escape a good idea?
2012-05-04 @ 22:16:14
There are days or sometimes even weeks that I feel everything is wrong. No I don't feel it- actually it is wrong. Nothing is as it should be. Too many problems,impotent rage, strong words and in the end feeling that life is an ordeal. Then something comes to my mind - something like escape. What I mean by that is to run away and never come back. Change everything - place of living, environment, "friends" and so on. And it's hard to admit but then I even thing about leaving my boyfriend. Why? I don't know. I love him and I really want to be with him. Maybe this voices in my head are the voices of coward. He also has lots of problems and maybe a part of me is afraid of being unhappy for life. Maybe a part of me is fed up with being worried and miserable. But when problems calm down for a while I see that escapism isn't definitely an entrance. Firstly, you can lose what is the most precious in your life and secondly you'll be feeling remorse that you quailed. What is more after the storm the sun comes up and maybe for some time storm will be rarity and the sun will be reign over:)

I know what you mean, I often have similar feelings that I don't suit to my world when everything goes wrong and like you I want to escape. And I have to admit it's sad but I sometimes espace.. even from myslelf, from my dreams and so on because something it's to hard for me (and it's not excuse) and this is definetly not good idea. Like you've noticed after all I feel that I quailed so I try to fight with it. I think it's comon fear that you don't resolve your problems and so on but we can't let that thoughts like that control our lives.. wish you all the best, good luck!
Greeting, milaa

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