2009-12-11 @ 14:37:51
Oh I havn't been here for ages. I was so busy that I even forgot about this page. Today I havn't go to school 'cause I cought a cold.
Lots of changes in my life. I used to have lot of time even for boredoom. But now...I'm in such a rush. Why? matura exam, school and...boyfriend. Yes love have finally found me.I used to think that true love doesn't exist. Now I know that it does.
He isn't a kind of man that I dreamt about. But he has got something that makes me feel happy and safe. I just love him. We have been a couple for about 3 month and the more we are togather the more we are happy. It's strange because people often are bored if they are so long togather...but we are not. We would like more:)

let's see after two years. good luck!!!

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