tiredness signs
2009-05-29 @ 16:45:16
If this school year don't come to the end soon I will definitely get creazy. Why? I'm utterly exhausted and everything I do is not as it should be. For example today instead write "kruszce" I wrote "tłuszcze". Of course we were laughing but it isn't normal 'cause it happens all the time. I have got rediculous dreams and I still make a slip of the tounge. It's the best proof that this school year have to come to the end.
The worst will be next week. Lots of tests that I have to write really good. Only Tuesday fills me optimist because I'm going to hairdresser.

I'm sick of school too;My headmaster told us today we have to go to school in last week,before ending of school year,'cause he can change conduct marks..For me it's soo stupid.
Hopefully it's only one week :):)
I guess if you got by so far,won't be bad xD

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