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2009-05-22 @ 18:21:34
Another problem with teacher. This time a difficult with physic teacher. Month ago she announced us test. But it isn't normal test. It's going to be from 2 years. From the begining of our education in LO. Yesterday we asked our tutor if it is possible. She was really suprised and advised to check it in school statute. We checked and it turned out it is impossible. She mustn't do this test. On Monday we are going to tell her about it. I'm afraid that even if she agree not to do this test she will do us other, consistet with statute but really difficult...

I've got some teachers that do whatever they want as well. Especially history one.If you got a bad luck you can learn everything then she asks like 5 questions even though you know answers for all of them she might say " thats now what I wanted to hear ". And here your smart answer ends. You just get chew out afterwards. Either you can know nothing and get a positive grade which is " 2 ". Some weeks ago I said like 3 sentences which I read in my notebook a few seconds before she asked me and I didn't get the lowest note xD
We also have problems with my physic teacher.I don't know her evaluating style..good marks depend on her mood;Anyway I have great class-in January she announced a test,but every time we moved the date of it.We were buying her chocolate,flowers or even bananas-which she really likes :).Recently she told us this test is unimportant ,and she won't be writing it.
If it's going on about your test..she shouldn't do this test..It's obvious nobody will be revision this material;P

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