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2009-05-19 @ 15:41:32
Today I came back home earlier because I didn't go to physical education (of course I didn't bolt:P). I don't feel like go however I like sport and exercises. How about you? I take rather regulary exercise in order to stay fit and healthy. I saw that it's really hapefull for me. I feel better and I havn't got health problems as I used to have. There is nothing special. I only quite everyday do some trunkbending, knee bending ect. I reccomend because it also helps with learning. More oxygen and better circulation helps me to focus.

I stretch a lot. I have to begin my day with stretching in order to feel somewhat ready for new day. I don’t do any real exercise though.
I haven't to go to P.E in this school year:)
Anyway I will be exercising next year,because I don't do this at all,and I noticed it isn't good for me.

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