2009-05-15 @ 18:00:09
I can't stand injustice at my school. The most annoying are of course teachers. For example to my class attends our viceheadmaster's doughter. She smokes at WC, she neglects lost of class and she doesn't care. And what do you think? Is she punished? No. They even like her and they give her good marks for nothing. Maybe not all teachers but most. Uhh I hate it!

Well if I were you I would be pissed off about this either. But my school isn't perfect neither. History teacher is a tough woman.Your grade depends mostly on how much luck you will have. She asked my friend 5 questions. He answered properly 4 times and he got lowest grade. I Just said 3 sentences and repeated after hew 2 more and got 2 nd lowest grade. She never gives better grades than 3 so if you get 2 or 3 you are " someone " haha : P
I'd also be mad... if I carried about marks ;) but I never did and still don't.
I understand you:)
In my class are two girls who behave in this way,maybe worse.They still lying teachers and pretend they'are ill and have to go to toilet,but truly they go smoking..It's so stupid because teachers better treat them than spite of I do nothing wrong
I don’t know if my school has the same problem, at least I haven’t heard of one, although there is one teacher whose motives are always questioned. But I think it’s more of student’s paranoia than anything else. He’s a tough teacher, demanding and does not hesitate to give you a bad mark if you deserve it. Students don’t like him, which is normal, and talk behind his back about how unfair he is to those he doesn’t like and how he lessens his rules for those he actually likes. Maybe there is something to it. I have never experienced any unfairness from him so I am not the best judge.

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