always's not healthy
2012-07-11 @ 22:45:46
The last exam passed:) Now, I can start my holidays:) Well, maybe calling this holidays is kind of exageration. I havn't even one day to take a rest bacause I had to start my seasonal work:( Tomorrow all day in work. It wouldn't be any problem for me (because I hate doing nothing) if I hadn't health problems. Some time ago I started to have constat headaches. I spend lots of money and lost a of time to find out what is the reason of this. The reson is my spine (neck section). I was really miserable when I heard about it. I'm only 20 and it's too early to have such problems. I know that I spend the vast majority of day in sitting, bowing position but It's my obligation. I can admit that I neglected sport and other physical effort but I had so much to do. I just havn't time for it. Now I promise myself to change it immediately. Tomorrow morning I'll start my day from exercises!
stupid dean
2012-07-04 @ 22:23:06
I knew that this man will create a lot of problems. I had some classes with dean of my faculty. Since first lecture I have known that exam will be as hard as nut shell. Well the problem is that it's really hard to take the exam. Why? It's kind of oral exam. The specifics of this exam is that he needs 15 minutes for one person. Bearing in mind that there is about 300 people to examine he decided to do limits. The funniest is that some people won't have possibility to take this exam.So unfair. My turn comes 11th because earlier date (27th June) was called off. Unfortunately there is a possibility that he won't examine us 'cause he constantly changes his mind according to number of students. I hate such situations!
and-of-term exams
2012-05-28 @ 08:23:04
And-of-term exams is coming. This semester I have lots of "zero-exams". It means earlier exams without consequences. On one hand it's fabulous opportunity to pass earlier and have longer holidays but on the other we have to learn and attend classes at the same time. The result of this is tiredness, headache and so on. But maybe we'll manage:)
2012-05-15 @ 00:40:30
I'm afraid I suffer from insomnia. I can't fall asleep.And when I finally do it I wake up early in the morning and I can't fall asleep again. It's an ordeal. All day I feel sleepy and I have terrible headache but I can't sleep;/ Have you ever had the same problem? Have you managed to deal with it?
Fair trade
2012-05-11 @ 22:37:31
Have you ever thought about prices of coffee at restaurants such as Starbucks? Why they are so high? It's not beacuse of costs ect. It's connected with fair trade. Products which are certified as fair trade have some protection. The Importer selling it in the West must pay a minimum price to producers. From economical point of view minimum price means that you can't pay lower price. Fair trade was created to eliminate poverty in Third World Counrties and to provide local producers' access to Nothern markets. It also aim at creating permanent relations between producers from poor countries and consumers from developped and rich countries.

Maybe in few days I'll write why fair trade is a bad deal...because it is.
work in groups
2012-05-08 @ 22:35:17
I hate work in groups. Or I hate work in mismatched groups. Unfortunatelly most of classes at my university consist in group' work. And that's not good for me 'cause I'm rather ambitious but others not. Most of my 'team colleagues' delay or do some exercises carelessly. That's irritate me. What's more I have to do most of work. Why? If you want it done right do it yourself. Maybe that's not good way but as I wrote I'm intent on good results. I would like to take as much advantage of studies as I can. I understand entertiment and social life. I also strive for it, but sometimes some people exaggerate.
Is an escape a good idea?
2012-05-04 @ 22:16:14
There are days or sometimes even weeks that I feel everything is wrong. No I don't feel it- actually it is wrong. Nothing is as it should be. Too many problems,impotent rage, strong words and in the end feeling that life is an ordeal. Then something comes to my mind - something like escape. What I mean by that is to run away and never come back. Change everything - place of living, environment, "friends" and so on. And it's hard to admit but then I even thing about leaving my boyfriend. Why? I don't know. I love him and I really want to be with him. Maybe this voices in my head are the voices of coward. He also has lots of problems and maybe a part of me is afraid of being unhappy for life. Maybe a part of me is fed up with being worried and miserable. But when problems calm down for a while I see that escapism isn't definitely an entrance. Firstly, you can lose what is the most precious in your life and secondly you'll be feeling remorse that you quailed. What is more after the storm the sun comes up and maybe for some time storm will be rarity and the sun will be reign over:)
sunny days
2012-04-30 @ 14:04:51
The weather is so gratefull. It's almost hard to believe:) Have you got any plans for this looong free weekend? I plan to go to mountains but I'm afraid that it's too hot. Anyway that's all for entertainments:/ After this week I have so much deadlines and I would have to work. It's sounds horrible.

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