2009-12-16 @ 19:43:08
I don't believe that is only 8 days to Christamas! It is very good news for me! Soon will be winter...I hate winter. Today is very cold. Probably tomorrow will be cold too! I want summer!!!

I wish you: Merry Christmas!!

This week is the worst week of all...
2009-12-08 @ 16:03:22
This week is the worst week of all!! But soon will be Christmas. It's the only consolation! Now I have to learn Polish...I have got a test tomorrow:(
2009-11-25 @ 18:55:11
Hello! Now I am learning on Test with Biology...It's horrible! After school I have got a lot of study! 4 weeks to the end first term!!!! I'm so happy!
2009-11-18 @ 20:49:17
Nothing special in my life ...I finished my homework with TI. And now it is starting Dr House at TV...so I have to go...Sorry for my short note!
2009-11-04 @ 19:16:38
Tomorrow I have got test with Technology...My grandparents visited me today...I'm happy because I finished lessons at 12.25 o'clock today... Next week is cool!! Three days without lessons!
Nice day;)
2009-10-28 @ 17:30:14
Hello :D
So in my life nothing special... Yesterday I visited my cousin in her school and after this we went to Stary Browar... Today I mustn't learn so much because tomorrow we ( my class and I ) are going to the theater.
But Friday is terrible... Essay with English, test with Chemistry and a lot of other things.
I finished my homework!
2009-10-20 @ 20:06:40
I finished my homework! After writing this post I'm going to eat supper. Today is ,,M jak Miłość" so after this I'm going to watch TV... OMG! I have to do homework with Polish!!! I have to go...
Next post...
2009-10-14 @ 18:52:43
Sorry but Today I haven't got current and I have 50 minutes to do homework. Soon my notebook switch off. In my house is dark...I can't learn Biology! I have to finish...remaining 40 min!!
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