hello homies !
2006-11-21 @ 23:07:34
Hi, this is my first blog in english. I learn this languade 7 years, but I want speak in english better. I'm 15 years old, i haven't a boyfriend. My best friend called Angela and she lives in New York,she is my sister and friend to heart. I can speak her everything. In holiday I was in New York but when i was there I nothin speak english cause it was very scary for me. But I had happy cause I met lifeguards from coney island beach - from Poland :) this place is fantastic and beautifu. I love with this. I every day cry cause i so miss on NYC and Coney Island;( but next year i want fly to USA too.

I do a lot of errors - correct me please:)

See u later, bye Alexis

natalie :D
ajts... ajts... I would like to go there too.. ;D maybe we can go together ? :P it was joke XP I was in London this year , there was great but I wasn't there long ;( only 10 days ... okey I don't know what about I can write so I finished :) bye bye ;* :)
I learn this languade 7 years too.
Where are you from ? Poznan? Krakow?
ok, bye


hasło : ławka
I have a question. How to change background? Not colour, but picture... I can't do this. I don't know how.
Hi cool blog and Your english. go to my blog

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