Something stupid
2006-11-22 @ 18:04:18
Hello everyone! What's up? :)
I've already done my homework (almost). So I'm very lazy now, and I want doing nothing.
Today, at school I got 5 from Chemistry exam and 5 from English "lesson work". I'm very proud of myself :)) And I'm joking of course.
I like English lesson at my school. We have a very smart and funny teacher who likes us. I think it's good when teacher likes his students, because then he not only teach us (he also says a funny stories of his life or something else). Ok, but that's enough about school. I just have no idea about I can write. I'm stupid, I know.
Yesterday I was in my extra English. I should wrote something then, because I had a many words and sentences in my head and I think that this note would be more interesting.
Now, I'm ending this very boring and stupid note ;)

Bye, bye,
It's a new beginning!
2006-11-19 @ 15:39:40
OMG! I'm writting in English! It's so weird to me, because I never thought that I can write something in English. I understand a lot (especially when I read something or somebody say to me), but I'm VERY bad in writing (and speaking). So I must practise.
My name's Kamila and I was born in 15th April 1991, so I'm 15. I like listen music, watch films (who doesn't like this? ;)), read books, and the most I like photography (I love make photos!). Ok, It's enough about me. Soon I will try write something new. At last, this is my new diary :)

Please, correct my mistakes!

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