My day!!
2007-10-30 @ 16:48:59
Wendesday is my favourite day! This is what I usually do on Wendesdays.
I get up at eight or sometimes at twenty to eight. I eat my breakfast and I go to school.
I like Wendesdays, becouse at theerteen o'clock we have English! I always eat lunch at school. At ten to two I have maths. I go home at half past three.
In the afternoon, I always do my homework. Sometimes I watch TV. But I never go to bed late. I always go to bed at ten or quarter to ten.

2007-10-19 @ 17:00:31
Hi! I'm very sorry or I don't write in my blog,
but I don't have time. Today I write test in English.
I am very happy, becouse a lot people visit my blog:)Write comment, please:]]

Gold thought:))
2007-10-13 @ 15:15:20
Good afternoon everybody!I decide establish virtual gold thought. Firstly question:
2.How old are You?
3.You have boyfriend/girlfriend ?
4.Your favourite colour?
5.Your favourite film?
6.You have sister / brother?
7.You are fall in love?
8.You like English (subject)?
9.When You have birthday?
10.You like me?
For questions answer in comment, please.
Okay, to this day is everything.

2007-10-12 @ 19:15:38
Hello friends!Thank You for comments.We have weekend! Today is greasy weather.Always rain and there is very cold.I am already chill:(But I make chemicals.But how are You feel??Now I do my homework in maths. Maths is my favourite subject:)I like art,too. I want insert my photo,but I can't.I don't now what I can write else....meybe You can write in comments what I can write in my blog(thanks).

Something abaut me;/
2007-10-11 @ 18:26:00
Hi! How already remember my name is An and I'm 12 yeors old. Meybe now I tell something abaut what I like. Well.....I like red rose, particularly I like got flower from men (boys).I am tall (I have 170 centimetre, realy!)I have blond hair and....I'm friend. I like when someone tell abaut me something good:):). My hobby is to make oneself up and paint nails. I like my perfume,too. It sweet....and very romantic. Okay, now I go to my friend. See You later! :):)

Firsty post:)
2007-10-10 @ 19:22:34
Hello:)) This is my firsty post in my blog. Sometimes I don't have time for blog, becouse I am in school, but now I have my free time:):). When I don't have learning I watching TV my best film "Prison of break" or.....something else. Oh,I forget write how I have on name. I am An and I'm 12 yeors old. I like draw and assist in contest artistic. No sorry,but I must go.Next post already shortly. Bye, bye:*:*
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