2013-06-04 @ 21:40:42
Okay. How do I feel today? Definitely bad. I'm talking with my...friend(?). I don't know. I argued with him because of him girlfriend. He loved me, after that he love my good friend, but now? I don't love him.... Nevermind. I always feel sad. It seems to me that my life is the worst. I know that others have worse, but... I want to start from scratch, but it's difficult.

OK, I'm going listen to music...
2013-06-03 @ 20:56:44
Hi! I don't know how i start it. I really like english. I feel very happy, because i'm writing this blog now :) My english isn't too good, but i want expand it. It will be great! :)

I've just danced. I adore it. Maybe, I'm not brilliant at it, but i love :D In addition, I like learn. I know, it sounds strange, but i want be clever! :D I learn history, chemistry, biology etc. What's more I love sport. I like run. Unfortunately, I must stop it, because i have a sport injury :(

OK. I'm watching TV. Bye :D
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