winter bivvy<jupi>
2008-01-27 @ 19:13:45
Tomorrow I and my friends are going on winter bivvy. I'm looking forward to it. Last year my friends were on it, but i wasn't:(I was ill that time. But this year I have to go. I know it is very very nice surviving. We can meet a lot of new poeople. I have knew a bit ones sience last summer bivvy... They are so sweet. I like them very much and i miss them:) I hope it'll be very funny time!!!
Finally winter break!!!!!
2008-01-26 @ 10:21:12
Oh! This week was very very hard for me. I had a lot of tests at school. Moreover on Thursday I had English contest... It was very important for me, because It's only my success. I had been preparing for it really a lot of. So these day goes as fallow: I get up at 7 am. I went to my friend and I went to school at 10. I go with my English teacher to Rzezawa. I wrote the test 90 min. It was a bit silly. But I wrote something. Atmosphere was very nice.. and poeople were very nice, too. When I came back from rzezawa I went home<not school>

And next day...
I went to school. I knew my mark from this contest. I'm pleasent. I have 39pkt...

It was very important for me..

... And now finally is the winter bra\eak.. I was looking forward to it... And It came... <jupi>.. I have just plans how spend this wonderful time.
I'm going with my friends to Leńczo on bivvy on 3 days. We're starting it on this Monday. I hope it'll be funtastic time..but not only for me and my friends.. I wish you very nice winter braek-kisses:*
2008-01-22 @ 19:20:21
Yesterday I was on concert at music school. iT was funtastic. My brother played on saxophone on this concert. I was relaxing in this time...

Today I was at school. MY friend wasn't at school today.. what a shame!! I missed her. But after school I went her home . She was very pleased because of it.

O shit! I'll have to go to school tomorrow... And I have biology- I hate this subject. And what is the worst my teacher is going to ask all my class, and I can nothing. Moreover I have tomorrow test on Germany.. And I have English test. It is the only reasonm why I am happy... Beacuse I always have 5 or 6 for English tests;. Tell me which is better when you can't to schhol: get 1 or stress and learning at night tell me:)
At home
2008-01-21 @ 08:56:05
I'm at home today .. and i'm going to learn English.. Moreover I think I should relax<a bit> before my English contest... Kissses:)
2008-01-20 @ 13:16:29
I love animals. I had a lot of birds. Once I had two parrots. They were very noisy. They had a baby parrot... One day when I returned home I saw that their cage is empty. Both of them went up, and the small baby parrot was alone. When I saw it I was very, really very sad. I started seraching them, And I have found one in tunnel. My father took it and put in the cage. Next day my uncle found second one.. And they lived a long time from that day... And I was so happy that I had them... But in next year both of them died. Next I had a yellow canary.. He was very nice.. A lot of nicer than the parrots. I had him two years. He was tame. I took him to my hands and he didn't scare. When he died I got from my parents for my birthday other canary. He was orange. He sang very beautifully. But unfortunately he died on 11th Nov.

It's history of my birds.. Now I only have remembrances.
2008-01-19 @ 15:59:43
Charlie-It's my dog's name. He is 2 years old a nd he is very very lovely. I like him very much. Hi is a "German Shepherd". He was treasured, because he is a very very very intelligent dog. He can sit,lie, give me leg... and normally he is very obedient.
My English:):)
2008-01-17 @ 18:28:16
I had funtastic day. I went to school but I have no serious lessons. I had only two English lessons. Why? Because pupils ant teachers from my school went for a trip. We have watched two films on aur lessons. They were very very funny. I and my friens couldn't help laughting during watching those dvd films. What is the most suprising-My English teacher let us watch rhose films on English lesson:)

Yesterday I asked him about 6 for me for an end of the term. HE told me that he would wonder. So I asked him today <I went to him with my friends. > And he didn't want to give me this mark. But at last he has given this for me. So i have 6 for an and of the term. I hope he doesn't regret this. My friend really helped me with it.
I'm so happy beacuse of it.... Happpy happpy happpppy... and again I'm HAPPPYYYYY!!!!!!
I thing that it'll mobilise myself to learn more and more... Kisses for everyone:):):)!!!!
nice time.
2008-01-15 @ 14:04:50
I'm at my friend's home.We're having very nice time.At shool was a nice atmosphere today. I and my friend-Monika get off last lesson. I got good marks-two 5.Kisses for everyone:*:*
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