I wish you....:)
2007-12-30 @ 18:15:01
Oh I'm looking forward to New Year's Eve... It is tomorrow. This year I'm going to spend this wonderful time at home with my friends. I hope it will be the most marvelous time in this year... How about you? How do you spend your New Year's Eve????:):)...

After New'Year's Eve is New Year. So happy New Year for all:)):))) Have a nice year-and better than this one:):) A lot of kisses:)

And I also wish you alot of bubbles in champagne:):)

After Xmas
2007-12-27 @ 11:11:36
Christmas Christmas and affter Christmas:( It was so wonderful time for me... Christmas Eve, Christmas tree, Midnight Mass, Christmas tree and under it a lot of presents:) Oh it mas really fine...

Oh I must tell I win school english contest. I'm very happy because of this.. But now I must learn some more... But it's very nice for me:)
2007-12-27 @ 10:55:42
My name is Anna! I'm interested in English. I love animals. I'm fourteen.
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