2008-04-16 @ 20:38:08
OH! I haven't written here for very long time. It's why I hadn't time:) But don't think I forgot about this page-of corse-not, I hope I will write more often. I'm going to write a kontest"Maths is cool" Is somebody who's going to write it this year???? Kisses:)
Youth's day:)
2008-03-16 @ 21:15:13
Hello everyone!
Today Is the palm sunday. Also today is a youth's day So everything the best for everyone who feel like youth:):) Have a lot of love, peace, sweet life and whatever you would like to have:)
This day<palm sunday> reminds me very nice time:) When I was little, small, sweet baby a went to church witk palm.. It was soi nice... Especially preparing it. There are a contest for the highest palm in our church. My brother once won the contest;d;d I think it's very nice. Moreover When I was younger I went with my friend<schoool> to tarnów> it'was magnificent time. We had a fun. It was organized by our priest. But he was changed and unfortunately he we didn't come ther. What a pity. I was at home.. but it was very good day :)
2008-03-04 @ 19:29:32
We are having rekolektion now-so we have a bit free time. Free time-but only from school. I don't have to go to school. I can sleep a lot... and I can do what I wanna do. But I have a lot of work-so I have a very nice time, beacause I live so much that situations. I have to learn maths in English... but I think it can be really pleasure.. I prefer maths in English than Maths in Polish;d;d At least I can know new words. ..
The alterning
2008-03-01 @ 19:37:26
I'm going to learn English from English File-I haven't known this book yet but I hope it'll be the best. I hope I'll a lot of improve my English>:
The Mathematics contest in English:)
2008-02-23 @ 19:51:46
I have a very hard time now. I have to do a lot of things. I got a bit sad information. I won't write next stage. It's a bit pity and sad for me. But i'm not gonna worry about it. Fortunately in the same day I got a very good information from my English teacher. It's going to be a Math conest in English. It's great. Beacuse I had 6 from English and 5 from Math on the end of first term. and I think it can be a funtastic.
2008-02-20 @ 20:07:44
it was a bit hard day- a lot of tests, answers. My friend told on last Monday that It would be funtastic week. And it is. I have very good time and everything is Ok. I think" Life is so beautiful-when people can live." Only when people can live. If my friend hadn't told it i Think it would have been silly week . But now it;s funtasic and B-E-A utiful:) KIsses
Valentine's day.
2008-02-16 @ 12:53:56
Valentine's day-it was wonderful day. I post a valentine for one person. I also got from this person.. Buty I also got from my coulagge. I like him very very much. We go to one class. And now i know he also like me:) it's very nice. And he is very sweet boy, but he is a bit....
Moreover overything is ok> Kisses
the end
2008-02-09 @ 19:35:03
Hi everyone!!
It's the end of my winter holiday:(((( It's horrible. I can't imagine going to school.
I won't survive it!!!!!!!!!
It was really wonderful winter holiday. Today I was in cracow.. For me it was funny time. Kisses.. I hope I'll write more often..
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