Margaret is coming back :)
2013-10-22 @ 22:16:37
Ohh my , I haven't been here for ages. I did't remember about this blog until today :)As before I want to improve my English skills because I think this language is going to figure somewhere in my life.
2011-07-28 @ 23:11:41
Hi. The weather today was great. I like SUN and I love SUNBATHE! :) And what about you ?

I really admire this song ,but actually I don't now why?!

Something about me ;)
2011-07-25 @ 15:04:24
Hi! :) My name is Margaret and I live in Poland. I don't speak English very well so I set up this blog to improve my skills. I'm going to write as well as I can:) I'm interested in English and Russian language,moreover I like to play volleyball and basketball.
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