About Me;)
2007-10-11 @ 14:06:24
hello! My name's Asia, I'm 14 years old, and I'm going to school in Kiszewo. I'm interesanted in cars, drive, learning languages... I've got 2 dogs, and 2 cats (so... I like animals;) I can't swim, I've got small cousin, she name's Anna, and I love her;* she's sweet;) I learn english of 5 years. I like very vell talk in Skype. I'm learning French;) It's beautiful languages;)

This is my favourite sing:


I am, the one, who can see myself
Tonight, it's cold, it's raining outside there
I know, that you, that you can free yourself
Of all the cheats and sadness
And turn them into life

Day after day
Night by the night
I've been waiting to love again
Day after day
Night by the night
Love is waiting inside your heart

Someday, somehow, we'll have to say goodbye
To you, and me, to face real life
You are, the one, it's all because of you
All the things you feel will turn into love

Asia;* Kissssssss 4You;**
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