I like this day..;)
2011-02-08 @ 21:17:21
Day with my boyfriend...
We spent 7 hours 2gether but I want more.;d
It was special time, we haven't seen since 28 Januar. :( I'm very happy that he came to me. What's more? He knows. ;*

My winter holidays comes to the end... I don't want it.! I want more free time but I couldn't get it. We must wait to April, next christmas. I can't wait for it. I must take care about my last free times and work out, spend time with boyfriend and more,more,more.;)
2011-02-07 @ 19:25:43
There's my first note so I will introduce myself. I'm eighteen years old woman with a lot of dreams. The most important person in my life are parents, friends and her boyfriend. I'm going to the High School with Best Friend. I'm studying English, German and a lot of other subjects. Who I really am? You will see. ;)
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