2008-10-28 @ 21:36:52
Hello everyone! My name is Magda, and I have fifteen years old! My english is very very veeeery bad! I can not reach an agreement with my teacher and thus I hate this item! I hope that this page will help me in English, because this very need.. Do not know basic phrases and every moment I have to look to the dictionary. Long is not got no 4! And here exam is coming ..On the test trial was .. Shame to say how many points. Very sorry for any errors in this blog post, I hope that will understand my problem!

I hope that with time it will be only better!

Your english is not that bad. But you made some mistakes.. Sometimes you choose bad words.. for example: not 'error' but 'mistake'.. But don't worry, you will cope :) As it says: Rome was not built in a day.

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