it's very cold right now...
2008-11-27 @ 08:12:51
Hi everyone. ;)
It's 8 a.m right now, and I have to leave from house in 30 minutes. I feel so sick today. I haven't slept well and I'll be so sleepy all day long. I also have headache and fever. And that terrible throatache. I have to gargle it with some fluid but I don't really believe it could help me. ;/
If it is not better on Friday, I won't go to school. My notes and everything what's about school is not important at the moment. My healthy is the most important thing.

And... what a weather! We have here some rain- and snowfalls. I wish I felt well, because I'd love to go ice skating.
And you? How do you spend your free time, when the weather is so chilly?

I usually staying at home...unfortunetaly I can't skiing, snowbording ect. I used to sleading but I grew up for this. I read books, sometimes go for a walk. But it doesn't means I don't play sport. I exercising at home (aerobic ect) because I feel better and I'm healthy.

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