Story and questions
2007-10-17 @ 14:51:11
Welcome! I have maaany questions!
1.Do you like my blog?
2.Do you like Stella (it's me ;))?
3.Do you like colors of my blog?
Thank you for answers!
OK., now I am speaking about my day. In morning I was boring (today in Magix Dymention is Saturday). Tecna's going to my room and she talk me about skates. I haven't got skates! Tecna gived me her skates. It's super! This is my new hobby!
2007-10-12 @ 14:05:45
Hello! I am boring... Tommorow is Saturday, I am happy :). But I have'nt adventures! Witches, monthers... I can't use my magical powers. Buu... Flora can uses her power, beacose her flowers are sick :P, Tecna - reapaies magical computers... And I? I can made new Sun, but I can't it! My parents and teathers talk, I must be how really princess... OK., I AM princess, but... Why I must always be seorius?!

I was in swimming pool. Therefore my thinks are watery ;).
2007-10-10 @ 16:51:56
I'm can't write in blog often... Sorry...
20th September
Uff, my brithtdays was unusal... But today I am in school... I hate it!!! Today I and my class had test about spells of transformations... I am fairy, and I don't need learn spells! OK., I can't this...
But school is cool (Rhyms ;)) beacose I meet my friends! Yahoo!
About Enchantix!
2007-09-15 @ 09:31:21
Enchantixit is a magic transformation. This is unusal!!! I have a film with my transformation.

My day
2007-09-14 @ 15:20:47
Hello! It's the first, well, episode of my life... And sorry for my english.
17th August, Wednesday
Hurray! It's holydays, and tommorow it's my birthday! I am very, very happy. Unfortunately, 21st August it is school start. But I am very glad, beacose I meet my friends! I am getting up early.
-Aach!- I shout. In my bed is... I reassure. It's a present!
"For Stella, from Musa :)" I read the suptitle on a present. Well, Musa awlays strought, when I have birthday. I ring for Musa.
- Thank you a present, Musa!
After breakfast I go to the park. "Tommorow it's my birthday, Tommorow it's my birthday!"
2007-09-10 @ 17:32:56
Welcome in my blog! I am Stella. It's a diary of princess... my diary. I wish you nice reading!
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