2009-06-05 @ 19:18:32
Finally, we finished our training First Certificate Examination and we have got free time from now! Only one learning day - Wednesday!
Tomorrow we are going to the theathre and on Sunday we're going on a school trip. Then we have one day for learning and another 4 school-free days.
And the last week. Two day what will seem to be learning and two days of competition.

I am really happy about my exams. I think it wasn't as bad as I had thought before. Even the speaking task was not terrible.

Nice to hear you again :)
Next note
2009-05-28 @ 21:03:04
What should I say after a year break? Maybe I say nothing...

As I read your notes the school year is going to finish in 2 or 3 weeks.
I am really happy about it because 4 days after the last day I and my two friends are going to a camp.
But before it comes I've got 3 weeks of learning. It won't be a bad thing when we will have marks for sure... but now we must fight for everyone grade :/ And I must say I'm really tired because I have been working all year so I need a rest.
I have also got training FCE exams - practise with our teacher :) It will be from all we have learnt in this class but it will be in form of FCE: so we have speaking (part 1) - I'm not preety good in it and listening - I don't like it very much - one day and the next day we've got use of english, writing and one more part.

Then we are going to have three days dchool trip and it's going to be funny... like always with my class :D

So I will be finishing...
Best regards and good luck for every student who try to make the grade better! I believe in you :)
And nice weekend (not like now in my city - there's a storm :/)

Seen you soon
After Bulgaria || Olympic Games: Beautiful Sunday for Poland
2008-08-17 @ 19:37:03
Hi, everybody!
Yeasterday I went back home after three weeks in Bulgaria. Vacations were really fantasic, but ater two-days journey I was tried so much.
In Bulgaria Black Sea was beautiful. It is clean, but there are much salt in, more than in our, Polish Baltic sea. When I was there waves were very big for long time, maybe about 1,5 week. In some days the sea was like a lake: smooth and no waves. I was in Warna three-four times. I saw Delphin Show - it was really good. I also have a photo in front of Stadium where our volleyball players played in World Ligue in 2007 with Bulgarians :) I met some neat people and I have had wonderful holidats this year.

I must mention today, yes, today, because today Polish team have had fantasic day at Olympic Games: we have got FOUR MEDALS!!!! yes, four! It's our Sunday, really.
First the four rowers got second place and silver medal. After this other four rowers had their "race". They were matchless from the beginning! Although Italy and France were also good, they won the FIRST PLACE AND GOLD MEDAL!!!!!!!!
After that Polish woman won the bronze medal in wrestling. And the last medal today got Szymon Kołecki. He won the silver medal and second place. He was really good.
Avril Lavigne concert || Holiday
2008-07-24 @ 08:58:42
Sorry, I haven't writen for three weeks, because I was on sport camp in Rewal - on a seaside.

On Saturday I will start my next vacations. In Bulgaria! I'm really happy, because I'm going there for first time. I think I will have very good time, but first I, my sister and my mum must drive 1800 km - we will go by car. It will be very tiresome journey, unfortunately.

As I promised, I 'm writing about Avril's concert. I thing it was great and really cool :)) Avril sung her best hits : "Girlfriend" (+remix), "The Best Damn Thing", "When You're Gone", "Innocence", "I Can Do Better", "Losing Grip" and many others. Fans at her concert really had fun: we were singing her songs, jumped up and down, rolled right and left ;) The concert was absolutely neat, fantastic and wonderful! After the concert I and my friend were wiating for Avril, 'cause we wanted to get her autograph, but she sat in a car with dark glasses :(( I should mention about support before the concert. It was Nefer. I didn't hear about this band, but ... eee... their music isn't good. They weren't singing, but they was shouting. I didn't undersatnd any of their songs - music was too loud and text was singing too quietly. I don't like their music.

Regards for all,
I must say next post will be writining about 16.-17. of August, 'cause I' ll go to Bulgaria for 3 weeks
See you soon :*
Tomorrow's concert
2008-07-04 @ 11:35:31
Hey, everybody!

Tomorrow in Wrocław will be Avril Lavigne's concert. I was thinking three weeks ago I won't go to the concert, but on 20. July, when school year was ending my friend told me she've won tickets! And she invited me to go with her to the concert! I'm really happy, because with the friend I argued, ee it might be called that...

And tomorrow we will go to Hala Stulecia or Hala Ludowa and we are going to have fun :))
Only dreams?
2008-07-02 @ 15:31:52
Every year I dream about fantasitc holiday. Holiday I've never forgotten.
Holiday, which change my life.
Holiday, when I meet somebody special or famous.
Holiday after it I will be having different life, because I will have something more than today.

Maybe there're only dreams... Probably yes..., probably...

But maybe one year it will change... there won't be only dreams..., maybe dreams will come true..., maybe even in that year...
Viva Espana! Spain won!
2008-07-01 @ 15:01:43
I'm really very happy, because Spanish team won in EURO 2008!

In the final match against Germany they were better then Germans and in 33. minute Fernando Torres, who was the best player in the team,won duel with Philiph Lahm, then passed German goalkeeper Jens Lehmann and shot... GOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!!!! 1:0 for Spain. Everyone from Spanish team were delighted and they were very, very happy. Me too, because I supported them :))

In second half-time Spains weren't as good as they were before and Germans had chances for goal, but they didn't take them. Spain team kept victory and after the last refree's whistle they enjoyed the title.

For me, the best player in the match was Fernando Torres, becasue he always did good job. He had many chances to shoot the goal and he took one of them. Besides he ran and ran all over a pitch and he had got a heart for a game.
Final match
2008-06-28 @ 15:01:48
Tomorrow will be the final of EURO 2008!
Spain and Germany will meet each other. I think the match will be very exciting, because two teams want to win and because the teams play different football.

I don't hide, I depend on Spainish team, 'cause in my opinion their football is beautiful and.. ee.. I don't very like Gremans as well. I belive Spainish football players will play very good match (Fabregas, Torres, Casilias and others)and at about 20 to eleven pm tomorrow Spain will be the Champion of Europe in football.

Regards for everybody, who is a fan of Spain and for whom isn't :)))
Yesterday's match Spain- Italy
2008-06-23 @ 14:48:29
Did you watch the quarterfinal match? No. It's a pity, very pity, because the match was good in my opinion.

Two similar teams met yesterday. Spainish team with David Villa (he is the best shooter in Euro 2008), Fernando Torres and super goalkeeper - Iker Casillias. Italians with the best goalkeeper in the world - Buffon and other great football players, but without their capitan Fabio Cannavaro. But Italian team won World Championship 2006 and that team is rating to win. But it happened differently.

Both teams werent't shooting a goal during 90 minutes. During the extra time they weren't shooting too. Sometimes Spains were better and sometimes Italians. Penalty kick's round was beginning. Iker Casilias defended two or three shots and when he defended the last shot it was clearly known: Spanish team advanced to semifinal.
2008-06-23 @ 08:19:26
Holidays have just begun, but in my city the weather is horrible. It is raining all time and I don't know what am I doing.
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