Boring Day
2008-06-12 @ 10:51:55
My parents and sister went to the Warsaw and I satyed at home with my dog Luki :) I writting this post because I'm bored and I don't have nothing else to do.I must go to school at 11 and I have four lessons : POLISH , WOS , RE and GEOGRAPHY.
The marks are issue and I think We won't to do nothing special in school .When I'll come back from school I'll write a new post. BYE!

P.S. Sylvier thanks for comment :P And nice to meet you too !

'boring' means that u r 'nudna/y'. U should say: 'im bored' (nudzi mi się) i guess :P
What the subject is 'RE' ??
Thanks for instruction. RE is Religious Education :)

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