2013-03-05 @ 23:17:30
So goals are:

1. Create a great job/jobs that I'm gonna love and it/they will give me great abundance......well, at least 2000 euros per month

2. Keep great relationship as I have now...full of love, trust, fidelity, adventure passion and harmony.

3. Eating Raw food 80% of my diet
4. Being happy, hopeful, optimistic,
5. Buy a great car
6. Invite my parents for holidays.
7. I'm skinny, and beautiful, ;)
100 days experiment. START
2013-03-05 @ 22:15:59
This is experiment.
It is my hundred days challenge.
I'm gonna be writing here my goals, my results, my thoughts,
I'm creating my dream job. What is the best, I don't know exactly what it's gonna be..
I just know one thing, it's gonna be great, fascinating, nice, interesting, passionate and juicy....and I'm gonna love my everyday adventure called work.
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