Time off work
2015-02-23 @ 12:07:27
Today I have time off work and I'm going to work in my garden. I should firstly cut my apple trees and blueberries. Secondly I have to do the dusting after winter. This winter was very softly and weather was very fine. Thats is good for me because I like warm. I hate cold, snow and foggy days. I like when sun is shining.
I've got to go:)
About me
2015-02-22 @ 18:32:08
Hi I'm Jarek and I'm 27 years old.
I began my adventures with learnig english five months ago. That was good decision because I didn't like this language but now I learn english with pleasure. Now I can read, hear and write in english but only simply topics. I foresee that my skills will be better and that let me succeed.
Let's start
2015-02-20 @ 12:23:11
Hi everyone:)

I'm begginer in english and I'll make many errors and gaffes in my posts. Sorry:) Later will be better.

This is my blog and I want here learn how to transform my thoughts to sentences.

This is english blog. User writes in english. If you would like to have blog like this, you can register your own for free.
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