2007-12-10 @ 16:58:58
Taday I was in different claas.My clas went to the cinema.I didn't go.I don't like cinema.I like goes to English lesson.It's good.The cinema costed THIRTEEN zł.I was in bad class.They were very noisy.I don't like it.It's stupid.After I played football.My father played in ARKA GDYNIA.I like this football team.Tomorrow I wiil write o lot of.BYBY!!!
My blog 2
2007-12-09 @ 16:43:55
Hello.Today I was at my English lesson.I like that.I had lost my keys to house before I went at the English lesson.I didn't find this.After my mother came into my room.She had a keys.I forgot that,I gave a keys my mother.I was verry happy.I haven't got any coments.Pleas comment on my blog!!!BYBY.
My favourite activ
2007-12-08 @ 15:07:37
Hi.My favourite activ is ride on bike.I like that very much.I do this every day.My hero is "RUBIN".He is riding on bike to now."RUBIN" is a very good.In my opinion he is the best.It's my opinion.BYBY!!!!!
2007-12-08 @ 10:06:30
Hello!!!My name is Daniel.I am learning English for four years.I like that.My favourite colour is purple.I live in Gdynia in Poland.After I write.BYBY:-)!!!
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