chistmas are finished
2007-12-26 @ 20:54:31
Why Christmas longs so short?
Tommorow, I have to go to work :(, and I'm not happy for that reason:(

Fortunatly I'm going to work for two days, and than I'll have 5 days off :D - for that reason I'm very very happy <juppi>

Christmas pased for me as usual, nothing interesting had happened.
I'd only discovered one more singer, who I've added to my favourite :) he's colled Declan Galbraith, and although he's very young (he's 16th), he had putted out a few cd's, with beautiful songs.

During this time I've read a book "The Alchemist", wirtten by Paulo Coleho - the english version, I have to admit, that it wasn't dificult to read this book, and understood, what it was written about :) - mayby, because I've read this book before, but in polish ;).

I've decided to change my life, I'm going to do something, what I've always wanted to do :) it was to move to another country. I've dreamed about this since I remeber.
I think that now in this particular moment I achived such point in my life, when I have to do something or I will always regreted that I haven't do anything.

I don't know if, this what I've just written is understandable (i hope it is).

2007-11-25 @ 21:32:47
Today I have decided to start writing my english blog again - I know I make a lot of mistakes.
But I want to write this blog - to improve my writing english - and in general - I want to get used to using evry rules which I have lerned during my lerning ;)

Because, the one thing is to know the rules, and the other thing is to use them.

I think that writing will help me with it :)

2007-04-20 @ 20:12:10
I didn't write here for so very long time, ehs:(,
I have no time for nothing, i'm just working, working and working.

I like my job, I really like it, but I'm working from 7.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. so it's really hard for me to find time for some pleasures , for example to meet with my friends, or for anything else.

hm I didn't wont to come here for complaining, and in general i'm not complaining ;) i'm just stated the fact :P.

thanks to this job, I have started to thing that I really know something, and I cane do something more than cleaning somebody's homes or something like thin.

Now when people are emigrating to another countries, we have more places to work.
2007-02-24 @ 21:43:22
Finally I have found a job :). I'm very happy, for that reason.:)

In Monday I will sign a contract :) .

I'm working since last monday:) It's quite nice job, I'm accepting an orders in a company which is printing the wedding cards and things like this:)
And I'm preparing this projects.

The atmosphere is realy nice, people are very friendly.
I'm new there, so I'm not as condfident in talking with otehrs, as they, but I think it will be changed after some time:) (not necessary long time of cours;) .

When I came there I didn't know nothing about corel (the program in which we preparing the invitations and cards), but now, I know that program as much as I need this for this job:).

Have a nice evening for everybody :)

It's again me :>
2007-01-26 @ 20:49:35
I didn't write here anything for very long time. Becasue I had some problems with my brother;), and I didn't have access to the net :>.
Fortunately now I have.

I'm reading quite interesting book, the title is "The power of the subconscious", written by Joseph Murphy. I think it's very usefull book, because it shows haw we can make our subconscious more usefull. And if we realy want, we can (thanks to this book) , became, more sucefull in our life :). And more self confident.

So, I realy recomend this book to read for everybody, who want's improve his life:).

Best wishes for everybody:)
christmas atmosphere
2006-12-23 @ 17:29:23
So everything is prepared for tomorrow eve ;), almost everything.
I've done everything what I had to do.
There is still no snow:(.
So it's so grey outside:/ , I don't like it:/.

And I don't know why, (I don't think that lack of snow is the reason.. :P ), but I don't fill Christmas atmosphere:(.
maybe tomorrow I'll fill it, maybe...

Merry Chistmas for everybody. :)
Before christmas
2006-12-20 @ 21:43:32
Everyone are prepering to Christmas, me too.
But I don't feel chistmas atmosphere. We have almost everything done. Except for cakes, fishes and things like this, which are prepering on Christmas day (eve).
I still don't have any presents for my relatives. I'm intending to buy something tomorrow for everybody.
This year isn't good as the last year for me.

One thing is spring to my mind, that the coming year will be better.


2006-12-13 @ 14:41:47
wow,this picture is veeery "big" :P i don't know haw to make it bigger.

Can somebody tell me, how to make it bigger???
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