2013-05-29 @ 12:50:04
Today was an English competition... 2 points to have third place! I can't believe I was so close to win. But though not winning I had a great day with freinds <3. Our singing maybe is not very good but songs amazing. Thank u so much!
2013-05-28 @ 20:08:16
I just came back from English trip. There were volunteers from other countries like Turkey, Romania, Portugal, Ukraine. They introduced their countries by presentations and we had a lot of games. I could try to dance like Turkish!... But my first days there wasn't very nice. My friend and me were a little bit scared. I don't know why, but I think that we were afraid of black people who are looking at you like you're a product... I'm not racist, but it was hard at the beginning. every day we had a disco and you know what? All volunteers dance amazing! They're incredible and I think that they like what they do...
In the end I cried... They gave certificates for us and hug. I really like them. I regret that I didn't befriend with them earlier... Now I have a lot of memories and I'll never forget about this the best time in my life.

"Never judge people before you know them"
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