An interesting day
2006-10-08 @ 20:19:02
It was an interesting day. I've had an important talk with my father. He told me that I had a strange attitude to life...What's more, he was right. In his opinion, I have a lot of small problems, which I consider as really big problems. You know...what I mean?! He said that I made that problems so hard, but in fact, they aren't so hard...And it could destroy me...I know, I know he's right. And the fact that he's right is probably the most annoyed in the whole situation.

...First (the most difficult:D) post...
2006-10-07 @ 21:21:42
It's said that first step is the most difficult;) it's true, I really don't know how to start write my blog:) So, forgive me, if it is boring for you:) I promise- I'll do my best next time:)
I've given a login "Smile", I don't know why but I like it:)
Of course, as you can imagine, I started to write a blog to improve my English.
It will be such a hard year for me. I'll have exams after high polish it's called matura. I'm scared...but on the other hand I'm really happy because of a fact that I'm going to finish the school:) this is quite enjoyable thing:D
But now, I'm having a weekend:D and don't need to think about school to Monday;) I hate mondays;)
I don't know if someone read it, if not- it'll be a blog only for me;)

Best wishes:)

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