Books which I'm going to read next year
2015-12-31 @ 19:16:30
Hi guys!!
Today I have something special 'cause not the review about some book but a list of "Books which I'm going to read next year". There are 10 books and I want to describe in few sentenses each one of them. I had really big problem and dilemma to choose the most interesting, important and the best books which I want to "show" u.

"Books which I'm going to read next year"

1.) " Historia przerwanej miłości."-Tomasz Kowalski and Agnieszka Korpal
This book is a Tomasz Kowalski's blog listed from webside (if someone want to read his blog: Tomasz Kowalski's blog). In book there are also some notes from his girlfriend's blog. Tomasz Kowalski is a man who dead on the Broad Peak in winter in 2013. I was reading "Długi film o miłości. Powrót na Broad Peak." which is about looking for his body (there are link to my note about this book: Długi film o miłości. Powrót na Broad Peak.). I'm really interesting about it after this book so I'm going now to read this one too.

2.) "Lassie come-home!"-Eric Knight
I feel upset that I've never read this book... This is so-called classic so I think everybody should know it (maybe like me u have never read it but I'm sure u know ;), but if not... then u must get to know 'cause just disgrace). Also I feel shame that I've never read it and bacause of I would like to read "Lessie come-home!".

3.) "Lives of Girls and Women"-Alice Munro
Alice Munro is the Nobel prizewinner. In this book there are short stories of some girls and women. I don't know a lot 'cause I haven't read it yet so also I can't tell a lot.

4.) "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"-Lewis Carroll
-Does somebody don't know this book??
-I hope not!
I just want to read and remind it.

5.) "Ghost Boy. The miraculous escape of a misdiagnosed boy trapped inside his own body."-Martin Pistorius and Megan Lloyd Davies
I think this is almost like Polish "Chce się żyć.". The book is about a boy whose body and mind are like another things and he can't control his own body. Also this is how he revives to normal live.

6.) "Moomin"-Tove Jansson
So I'm going to read all series of "Moomin".
I think u know what is it about 'cause I have no idea how to explain it. ;)

7.) "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"-Arthur Conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes is the most famouse fictional detective in the world! In this book there are short stories about his job/hobby. It is 5th book of his adventures but I think it isn't necessary to read it in order.

8.) "Winnie The Pooh"-Alan Alexander Milne
I want to read it like "Moomin"-all series of "Winnie The Pooh". Which child don't know this teddy bear?! I know, but only because of cartoons. And I want to read books and get to know him from them.

9.) "Może morze wróci."-Bartek Sabela
My older sister said about it "non-fiction, tough literature". This book is about the Aral Sea. I can't tell more 'cause I really don't know it. But I'm gonna read it and then I'll tell u what is it about.

10.) "The Little Prince"-Antoine de Saint-Exupery
I know I know... I was reading it but I said that it is so beautiful book that I want to come back to this one. If u don't know what is it about click here -> "Le Petit Prince"

Now... Enjoy New Year's Eve and New Year! I wish u a lot of good books <3
Bye bye! And remember:
The Diaries of Adam and Eve
2015-12-30 @ 19:11:26
Hi guys!
This is the second post today 'cause I didn't add post yesterday. :D

The book which I want to describe is *tadadadaaam* "The Diaries of Adam and Eve"-Mark Twain. I think u associate Mark Twain from "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" (this is set book).
"The Diaries of Adam and Eve" is about first people so Adam and Eve. This is metaphoric form how everybody sees man and woman. It's about how men and women are important for each other and about perception of them.

I think it is really interesting book for... everybody :D! Yes, in my opinion that's right. I also think that's funny but moving too, and nice, so nice novel. And I recomment it for u of all. ;*
Paper Towns
2015-12-30 @ 14:01:51
Hi guys! :D
I'm sorry I didn't write yesterday. I wasn't at home all day and when I came back it was 9 pm and I couldn't do anything except of watching film. :)

Today I want to tell u about "Paper Towns". It was written by John Green. I think that everybody knows this autor but.... It is a writter who writes books for teens. At first I didn't think positively about him but I wanted to read his book and then make my mind. My first Green's book was right "Paper Towns".
It is book about Quentin and Margo. One night Margo goes to Q and she sais that she need a car. Q goes with her and they are doing together crazy things. After this night Margo make off home. Q knows that he was last person with which she met last night and he wants to find her with his friends.
This book is full of mysteries and riddles. "Paper Towns" is also so funny book. This is about: Walt Whitman, walking away, paper towns, crazy party, the end of school and trust.

In my opinion this is so nice book. It was first this autor's novel which I read and after this book I want to read more. I really recommet it!
Bye!! xoxoxo
"Le Petit Prince"-The Little Prince
2015-12-28 @ 19:45:58
Hi guys!!
I held promise I'll compensate that I haven't adding posts so I want to add them daily for a couple of days.

Today I have for u a revie about "Le Petit Prince" id est "The Little Prince" written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
It's a book for children and for adults. Because they won't understand this book the same way. I read it at first an year ago but I think I will go back to this book not one time.
"The Little Prince" is about a pilot who met The Little Prince, little sensitive soft child. He form a friendship with him.
This book isn't of course a short story about only pilot and The Little Prince. This is about rose, true fiendship with fox, sunsets, love, viper, sadness and happieness, planets where living diffrent types of adults... And I think that also about how important is being and thinking like children.
I mean that in life is really necessary imagine, emotions and empathy. We must know that children love the most in the world and of course we and adults must take a leaf out of them book.

I think "The Little Prince" is really beautiful book and everybody should read it. In this book there are lots of fantastic quotes. :D It's so moving too (I was crying).
In my book "The Little Prince" is like "must-read", so read and follow it :D
Byee! <333
And Then There Were None
2015-12-27 @ 23:11:38
Hi guys!
I'm really so sorry that I wasn't add notes! But I hope u understand that December is the most crazy month ever! I will compensate it :D
I'm going to write about Agatha Christie's book: "And then there were none". Agatha Christie is one of the most famous autor of crime fictions in the world. I think if somebody know this autor he must also know this book.

It's about 10 people whose are on the misterious island. And they are dying like it's described in rhyme for children. People only know that here must be some murder but nobody knows who is him. They want to leave its but weather is too teribble to cruise. They are for themselves like enemies but also they must trust themselves to stay alive. People from this island must be so hard 'cause things what's there happening are very crazy.

I can just say that this book is really engrossing. I can't stop thinking about it and I was reading it when I have every free moments. I recomment it! :D
Byeee...!! ;*
Długi film o miłości. Powrót na Broad Peak.
2015-11-29 @ 00:05:18
Hi guys!!
I know, I know... I wasn't a long time on a blog but I have today something special :D
"Długi film o miłości. Powrót na Broad Peak." is a book as for women as also for men. It was written by Jacek Hugo-Bader, a polish writer and reporter.

He was on a expedition with Jacek Berbeka, Jacek Jawień and Krzysztof Tarasewicz to Broad Peak to find Tomasz Kowalski and Marciek Berbeka's bodies. They (T. K. and M. B.) dead on a first on the world winter expedition to this mountain.
"Długi film o miłości. Powrót na Broad Peak." is about mountains and Himalayan climbers. But not only. This book is full of passion, risk, life and dead and love... Love to mountains, people and life.

I think this book is so beautiful! With amaizing fakts and comments. On her peges there are lots of pain and drops but that's all magic <3
Of course I recommend it :D

Bye! xoxo <333
The Messenger no. 2
2015-11-11 @ 18:36:48
Hi guys!
At the beginning I want to apologize u that I didn't write a week ago. I am really so so sorry!

I finished yesterday at night "The Messenger". :D And my opinion is positive ofcourse. :) I only think that the end is a little bit strange. XD
But is really nice and I think smart novel. It's also very gripping and it give for us a few things to reflection.
I recommend this book and I wish u enjoy reading :D
Byeee!! :*
The Messenger
2015-11-02 @ 13:51:53
Hi guys!
Today I'm going to tell you about book which I'm still reading. The title is "The Messenger" and it's written by Markus Zusak - the same writer as "The Book Thief"'s.
When I went to library to give back "The Book Thief" I saw a second Markus' book "The Messenger" on the same bookshelf. And I borrowed its.

This book is about a man. He has practically even normal life. He's a couple of friends and he plays cards. He also has got an old dog which name is Odźwierny and he is in loved with his friend - Audrey.
One day he is assaulting on the bank. In really strange way and he don't know why, he is traping a thief. For a few days he is on firts pages of newspapers, but besides his live no changed. Pending... He started getting some misterius messenges on playing cards and he become the Messenger.

Now I am on a middle of this book so I think I can't tell u a lot but when I finish I will tell u everything what I think about "The Messenger". So far I can just tell u that I recommend it :D

Byeee <3 See u next week xoxo
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