Health care in hospital
2013-02-13 @ 18:48:59
I spent three days in hospital with my sick child, and I'm really dead tired of living and medical conditions that we experienced. During three days I was sleeping on the floor like other mothers. It's really hard to describe those all rules contain there.
I wish you all health and to be as fit as a fiddle.:)))
2013-02-09 @ 14:24:35
I know that many of you think that I don't know what I'm talking about, but it's not true. Winter is the worst seasone for me. Not only because of short days, low temerature, or running with shovel to clear of snow our sidewalk. I'm also talking about sitting at home during really bad weather, and bad mood when I'm looking at cloudy sky.
What do you think about this? Maybe you would give me some advices that makes my humour better???:(
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