Who I'm
What can I say about me ?
I'm crazy... yea that's true...
I give people nervous... it's too...
Lovely... for my friends...
I have my own style... sometimes
Egoistic... happens
I styl bycia którego nie można ukraść...
I have my own style of life... wich can't be steal
Sincere to pain...
Labor if i care off somethink
I love music, my eletric guitar and roleblading (AI)
I have my best friend, for play, for sad, for dangerus raids... for find a propes. Just firend of mine and that's all. i will never change her for another.
My hurt is occupy :*
But in my hurt is a lot of place for other friends etc... I just like give happyness
Histeric when something is wrong
I have my dog...
I hate when someone bear me
I love photography
and my elephant ^^
Dangerus raids for faind some tresures or Hideaways
Shoes... for escaping ;p
Boots - when shoes Soaks through
A lot of stuff on hands... but always same
Dark make up... happens, I like = i wear
Erring in tongue .. and smile on mount :) It's make people happy...
It is impossible to describe me here
I'm scout, "Ostoja" 221 KDH "Związek Koniczyn" Junior Chief.
Ther're my second family
PURPOSE in live - Dont suggest, before live's end, but it's a bit more... I'will think about it... ;)

I invite You to my photoblog: http://www.simbelmyn.fbl.pl

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