2008-01-19 @ 08:57:35
Hello :)
My name id Evelina and I'll show you my life.
I'm 18, shy, polish gearl. I love music (i play the guitar) and aggressive inline ;)
I'm so crazy becouse I have a wonderful, best friend. She's name Dona :)I love dangerous pleaces .
Few days ago to my school went Italian people :)
I think that my English is very weak, and I frightened. But when I sow this crazy, noisy people, other worry about it disappear without a trace.

I meet very nice people. We played the football (couse they like it). I score 2 goal. I'm so fascinated.
Meaby I show you a photo with Italian boys and my school friend:


Welcome on this page:) I'm surre that thanks to this page your anglish will be better. I have written on this blog for two months and my anglish become really better. I wish you the same:)
u all look so yang and happy?! dont worry about your English 2 much, if u can understend others and they know what u're talking about, there's nothing to be worry about :d
Welcome! I agree with sylvier and czarna-mamba. They're right. I'm jelaous. You have really excited life. :)
Good luck with your writing!

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