2008-10-02 @ 14:47:30
The topic is about my life in last months. Everything's changes - this is the one certain thing in people's existence. There's nothing more you can expect like this simple truth...
The most beautiful situation in last time was our engagement - Silvan asked me to marry him, it was really unexpected - I was just after work, tired, dirty and it was in the market place, where I work sometimes. Sylwek is probably the most unconventional man in the universe. For him it was no problem, he thinks that every moment is right for expression of feelings. He was so sweet... And it's amazing feeling, for me the best in all my life. One week later we made a party for our family and told our parents about our decision. They were surprised but not really.
Unfortunately that time of pure happiness ended so quickly - 1.5 month later my Grandma passed away. She was one of my closest people, and the best person I've known anytime. She died calmly, she knew what happens, she leave us because she wanted that. I know she is in better REALITY. All her life she trusted to God - now I believe, God gave her peace without pain and sorrows.
I wish I knew for sure that my Grandma is happy there, in heaven... I hope so...

It's the truth of life that people die. But don't forget about grandma. She will be always in your heart, won't she?

I wish you all the best, u and ur partner :)

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