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"Chastity is a virtue (like courage or honesty) that applies to a person’s sexuality. It means that you take all of your sexual desires and order them according to the demands of real love. For example, when you love a person, you make whatever sacrifice is best for them and you do whatever is necessary to keep from harming them. Chastity means that you take this definition of love and apply it to sex.
Some people think that chastity simply means “no sex.” But that’s abstinence: focusing on what you can’t do and can’t have. Chastity is what you can do and can have, right now: a lifestyle that brings freedom, respect, peace, and even romance—without regret. Chastity frees a couple from the selfish attitude of using each other as objects, thus making them capable of true love".
(Jason Evert).

I know, this is a specific topic... Today it is no popular to speak about it. But I would like to know, what people think in this matter.
What is the reason of my today curiosity? So... My friends are going to get married in August. I'm bridesmaid. I mean... I would like to be bridesmaid. But in our Catholic Church bridesmaid mustn't live with her partner (and especially make sex with him), otherwise they can't obtain an absolution and take Communion... It is important for me and my friends.
Now I don't know what to do. I would like to be in order. To my friends, but to God too. Long time before I thought chastity is important in life, because of further life (in marriage). Now I know, it is very, very hard to do.
Is there somebody, who wants tell something about it?

Being aware of my specific attitude towards life, I must say... I can see no problem. You're talking about a point of view that I usually undervalue but whatever. Are you really THAT religious? I don't know you of course but as I can see, people sin seriously and don't care but concern about some details.
I don't think that God when decides between Hell or Heaven after person's death looks at things like that one.
Eventually, your friend must know whom she proposed to be her bridesmaid. If she looked for someone who's saint she would called God to send her some angel because here completely innocent are only children under 13th years old.

'Chastity is[...] even romance—without regret' - well spoken :)

This is what I think.
Allaround, I'm curious, what exactly means : "Being aware of my specific attitude towards life" ? ;). Can you explain it to me, if you want, of course?

My friend has similar point of view like mine, but this is requirement of Catholic Church. However, I think, that chastity is some kind of moral (or spirit, whatever) value. And - not many people has enough inner strengh to practise this. So - respect for them, because it is hard indeed.

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