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2008-06-13 @ 23:41:46
I never wrote blog in English before. In fact, my experience with written English are some forms, when I have tried to get job in London two years ago. But now i think I should try write in this language. There are at least two reasons for this: first, I know, I will live in London for few years, after my study (I will finish it in next year), my boy-friend lives there 4 years, and he doesn't want live in Poland - in this situation I will go London again; second - my English is bad, especially grammar, (especially using past tenses!), but I think, blog writing is good idea, when you learn - other people read what you write, and - if they want - can help you to improve style and give you useful feedback; that's why I will try to do this.
This note will be about Sylwek. He's my best friend and partner. Today he told me, that he was in Polish Consulate in London... and he will go Poland in July! That's great news- last time he was in our country in 2004... We spoke about his visit before - in August my soulmate (Ewa) get married with Damian and I'm bridesmaid , and Sylwek, of course, is invited too. But today he told me when exactly he will be here. I like it ;)!
Sylwek is wonderful person - wise, talkative, sociable, warm-hearted, honest, calm... He never was selfish - I know what I say, I know him 12 years - he never betrayed me. He is my best friend from many years. After his departure I have understood, that he's the one man, I really fell in love. it was... uh, it was really strange and sad, because he was there, and second - we never spoke about it, we were JUST friends, and I was really scared what would be his reaction...
One day he invited me to go London. It was two years after his departure. I went to him. Sylwek knows me very well and I suppose he had seen what is in my heart, I mean - what type of feelings are deeply in my heart. And... he had similar feelings too! It was amazing. That holiday he told me, he didn't want break our friendship or confidence. But... we both decided to start new period in our relationship - beeing as a couple. And it was the best decision we made ever!!! ;). We are together from that time, almost two years. This summer we would like to engage. We know us 12 years, and we are sure ourselves ;). And the most important thing is: we are still best friends! Some people mean, that friendship and love can't be together. We thougt the same before. But know, when we decided to do this, we are really happy. Sylwek often says: "the most beautiful thing in the world is Friendship in Love"! I agree with him in 100%! ;). Our friends didn't believe us, that we decided to change dramatically character of our relationship. But now, when they see us... nobody is thinking that we make bad choice.

We believe in God. And we are sure, it was His decision, which He made long time before our one. He gave us time to understand about our feelings, and then He gave the place (London)... Probably we needed that loneliness, time to reflection... that's why we are grateful because of our relationship. Thanks to God for everything, for many years of our friendship. He knows well, what He should do and which circumstances are best for His ideas ;).

"Even a very small degree of hope is enough to cause the birth of love." - Stendhal.

I think the same that i dont like poland and i dont want to live here.
Beautiful story of you. I wish u much happiness in your relationship :)
To have wonderfully ,,second half''. I wish many luck :)
Thanks a lot, and I hope, your relationships are as wonderful as our ;). I wish you the best in your relationships too! ;)
Thanks a lot, and I hope, your relationships are as wonderful as our ;). I wish you the best in your relationships too! ;)

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