:) , :(
2014-04-10 @ 23:13:02
Today and tomorrow are in my school days open. It's great because I get in on chemistry. :) But I will have to catch up. :(
I hate my teacher.
2014-03-20 @ 20:55:15
We had to write a blog on the assessment. Then the lady of the English seemed to us that we can not just write in Chinese. She said with all the ones they got. In fact, I got four.
l love composing
2014-03-14 @ 14:39:23
The band The Kelly Family is my inspiration. Trans to compose again. At the moment I have one song dane, but my vocal talent is terrible. Soon I will have another song ready, and I think it will be another hit.
I have everythink on itd head
2014-03-12 @ 22:56:39
I have to written wishes on birthday, get on with painting a picture for contest. And tomorrow even worse. But what Silva does not give up. :)
I hate Putin
2014-03-11 @ 21:27:41
Putin is terrible and stupid. He does not need Ukraine if he has Siberia
The project for the contest
2014-03-10 @ 23:02:25
On the Friday I was returned the project for the contest. I was forgotten write comment. Luckily, teacher was letted me improve. I hope it will be good.
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