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2010-08-11 @ 11:58:58
well, i decide to do sth and i wanna do sth useful, so i thought about english blog. i don't know it's a good idea but we'll see...
i haven't used this language for two years-that's a problem. in my opinion it's stupid-you've learned languages in school for long time and you still can't use it, if you know what i mean. of course not all schools are bad or maybe not all teachers. or maybe it's sth wrong with me:p i don't know... but i know a lot of people which are in the same situation like me. when i'm reading english text i understand mostly but if i have to talk with sb i face some kind of barriere. i can't find suitable words etc.
so, today is a big day;)

I quite understand you, I'm in the same situation.. ;P
Good luck! :D
have fun here ! I hope you will enjoy :)
I agree with you about situation at schools. Now I'm 19, I graduated high school and I've got many problems with speaking english. We only read and wrote at lessons. I've some kind of barriere just like you. I take up learning vocabulary during holiday but it's not the solution of my speaking problem although I also have problem with forgeting many simple words and it's pathetic ;/
want u know where is ur solution? games... it's sa simple... just find out some english computer game and play it!

I do exaclly this same. i know i do too many mistakes, but i c progresses also... i excersise my grammar, punktuation, spelling.. IT WORKS, 'cause u still use this same words. u repeat it, and repeat it and repeat, and this is the only way to know some language.

have a nice day
Thanks for advice.
I've never played computer games, because I would rather relax actively, so I usually play football, not fifa etc.
So do you know some english games that you can recomend to me?
Yes, you'll see, it'll be great! :)
oh games sound grate! fun and learing in one;)
in my opinion reading books in english is good idea to learing grammar and spelling too

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