busy time
2010-08-18 @ 13:46:22
I thought i've a lot of spare time, but i don't. so maybe my blog posts wont'n be frequent..
Now i've a really good time. despite my "work" (i don't know if i can call student's practice as work:p)i'am doing many other things. so i'm busy, but happy. furthermore i found new passion and it takes my time absolutely.
already i have love, passion, new experience and my holiday are comming!so what wants more?;)
let's go
2010-08-11 @ 11:58:58
well, i decide to do sth and i wanna do sth useful, so i thought about english blog. i don't know it's a good idea but we'll see...
i haven't used this language for two years-that's a problem. in my opinion it's stupid-you've learned languages in school for long time and you still can't use it, if you know what i mean. of course not all schools are bad or maybe not all teachers. or maybe it's sth wrong with me:p i don't know... but i know a lot of people which are in the same situation like me. when i'm reading english text i understand mostly but if i have to talk with sb i face some kind of barriere. i can't find suitable words etc.
so, today is a big day;)
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