2006-07-23 @ 19:44:33
hi.my name is Magda..I'm 17 years old.I go to grammar shool.In my free time I go to party with my friends.sometimes I go to walk,swiming ,read a book..I love my life...I so happy every time...

And that's what I call good attitude :D People should be happy with their lives, 'cause they create them by themselves :D Good luck
Hi I'm Ola and I'm sixteen. I envy you your attitude. I can't be all time happy, but I'm really try :) so good luck !! :))
Hello;) My name is Magda and I'm 17, too...
Yeah, positive thinking is a basic thing;)
Good luck, you have invitation to my blog, too
Hi I'm Kate :) How can you be happy all the time? I want be like you! please write some tips if you can :)
bye :*

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