2010-03-26 @ 17:58:33
nothing new, nothing surprising. but apparently I am. can cool maybe not. do not read as you do not want.
and since I already let it be something about me. My favorite bands are:
paramore: decode and ignorance
blog27 hahahah and massacre but I like it.
and besides, it even ride a horse, unfortunately, I swim, I love to roll and does not tolerate the sun because it hurts my head xD. but how warm it is good and all. maybe I'm strange but as you have a problem it does not read this.and such a thing about me is I have 170 green eyes more growth but not always. dark, almost black hair and I go dressed in black. shadow princess hahahhahaha xD. I'm such and such a nature is to be. I wrote something today massacre.
2010-03-26 @ 17:45:32
Bad girl!? Do not spin dryer in ponies? "My favorite toy is a life ...:)? Wounds pour cheap wine!?" I like to be polite if not?! I like to be quiet when there is!? "I hate the world and the world loves Me!
2010-03-12 @ 20:29:54
I'm going tomorrow to the skiing competitions. I would like to win but i don't know whether it is possible. I have hope that I can, however, succeed. I miss my horse, she name is Darya. she is 9. I like the other horses, a mare named Lena Peppies Ac. It is a race horse american Quater. she is beautiful. Darya is white whit brown spots.
You wish me luck.!:)
i don't know.
2010-03-09 @ 22:37:31
this day was normal.i was at school and was normal. I...... I don't know what shall I write.This eng-blog is my first eng.blog.......
about me
2010-03-09 @ 22:31:23
Hi! My name is Alex.I come from Poland.I'm 14 years old. I like fantastic and science fiction books.My fevourit book is True Blood.I love horse.I ride western.I like punk rock and pop.I have got 3 animals.My fevourite sings are wid out ya-blog27 and emergency-paramore. I want live in the USA.
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